Cat Shaped Fragrance Spewing Alarm Clock

There seems to be a never-ending stream of strange and weird alarm clocks coming around these days. It does make some sense since everybody needs to wake up on time at least some days, if not every day. And alarm clocks are a pretty standard item that virtually every household will have at least one of, if not a few.

So getting up is never easy. Maybe you’re looking for a little bit of extra-sensory onslaught to get you out of bed. Well this cute cat shaped alarm will do just that. Besides speaking the time in one of 14 languages, the cat holds the fragrance of your choice, and will spritz it into the air when the alarm sounds. Personally I’d put cat piss scent in, for a realistic effect and to really rouse myself out of bed in the morning. Nothing gets me up more than a stinky cat.

deal extreme via technabob

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