Wind Chime Alarm Clock

Most alarm clocks aim to jar you out of bed with the loudest or most annoying sound you could possibly think of. Other alarm clocks try to force you to complete some bizarre task in order to shut the alarm clock off. The Wind Chime Alarm Clock is the opposite of all these- it wakes you up to the gentle sounds of those tubular bells.

Not since someone decided to put their John Tesh Live at Red Rocks CD into their Dream Machine has waking up been so mellow. The only thing mellower would be to have Jack Johnson personally come in and serenade you awake with his cover versions of James Taylor songs. That’s mellow! Costs $19.95.

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2 thoughts on “Wind Chime Alarm Clock

  1. My mother has one of these. Didn’t take long for the belt inside to break. Pretty easy to fix with a really small elastic though.

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