Review: Able Planet TL300 Clear Voice Headset

So I’ve had the chance to use the Able Planet TL300 Clear Voice Headset for a few weeks now and am very impressed. The audio from the headset is remarkably clear- thanks to patented LINX AUDIO™ technology. The ear cups are comfortable enough to wear for extended periods of time and the headband is wide enough that it doesn’t dig into your head or slip off. I found the sound quality from the TL300 to be good enough to listen to music with.

The microphone is infinitely adjustable positionwise; I had someone on the phone with me talk me through it to find the position that sounded best on the other side of the call. For my speaking style it was clearest when the mic was furthest away from my mouth. There is an in-line volume control for quick and easy level adjustment.

At first I figured the TL300 Headset would be ideal for someone who spends a significant portion of their day on the phone in a work situation. And it probably is. It would also be ideal if you use your computer to make calls or do online voice chatting of some sort via Gmail Chat or any other application. But lately I’ve find the ideal application for me; for use with Rosetta Stone. The program is interactive and requires you to both listen and speak the words presented. Using just the internal microphone on the computer let me to be repeating the words over and over, louder each time before the program would recognize it as correct. Then I got the TL300 to review and I’ve started to use it instead and the results have been much better. My Spanish is still pretty bad, but that really has nothing to do with the program or the headset.

In summary- the Able Planet TL300 does exactly what it’s supposed to do- give you high quality sound from a lightweight headset. It’s priced relatively comparable to other high-end headsets, so this Craziest Gadgets review is a RECOMMEND.

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