Bluetooth Speakerphone Rear View Mirror

This rear view mirror clamps over your existing rear view mirror and works as a full-duplex bluetooth speakerphone. The Rear View Mirror Bluetooth Speakerphone also displays incoming caller names and numbers right on the mirror itself, so you can keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel. No bulky units sitting on your dashboard and no wires!

The speaker has full-duplex noise and echo-cancellation for clear audio and it can also send the audio to your car’s FM radio to play through the speakers if you wish. An included in-ear headset, which mounts on the mirror, works if you desire more privacy (calls are automatically switched to the headset when it’s removed). The mirror charges up in about 3 hours with an included car charger for 15 hours of talk time.

Buy it for $159 from Hammacher. (use code “HSMRCHFS” for free shipping on this or anything over $100 through 3/31/11)