The iTie Holds Your iPod

The iTie (warning! auto-playing Billy Mays video!) is a simple idea- a tie with a secret pocket in the back. Why do they need super-pitchman Billy Mays to sell it? Only the iTie people can answer that. You can stash your iPod, business card, cold hard cash, or jimmy hats in the super secret pocket. It also has a hook that snaps onto your shirt’s buttons so that it doesn’t flap around or move away from your body. Does all that justify charging $45-60 (err… 3 easy payments of $15-20) for a basic striped tie? Probably not. You could bring your existing ties to the tailor and they’d probably happily make the same thing for only a few bucks. But if Billy Mays says buy, I buy. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s the beard.

via crunchgear

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  1. It so happens that The iTie and it’s founder (me) were born in Tampa, FL. Sullivan productions who produces the Billy Mays commercials is also located in Tampa. They were both kind enough to do a short video that I could use on my site to help spread the word. Thank you for picking up The iTie article from


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