Mashimaro Rabbit MP3 Player

Mashimaro is a really bizarre looking rabbit MP3 player (makes you wonder if there’s a such thing as a non-bizarre rabbit mp3 player or is that fact it’s a rabbit make it naturally strange?). Anywho, his (her?) ears light up for no apparent reason and the headphone jack is in the rabbit’s behind. I guess Mashimaro is big in Korea or something. The Hello Kitty of Korea they say. Well $45 gets you 2GB of storage.

product page via ohgizmo

One thought on “Mashimaro Rabbit MP3 Player

  1. dude, long time RSS subscriber, first time poster (I’ve always wanted to say that) Mashimaro is Korean, yes, but he also (she also?) hits himself on the head with baseball bats and throws up violently. There are some animations somewhere on the interweb. BELIEVE

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