Review: Solar Charger and Flash Drive from

We were lucky enough to get a few cool gadgets from to review. First off is a really handy 5 in 1 solar charger. The cool thing about this is that it has a USB plug so it can charge up anything you have that runs on USB. I found it worked great, however it did take a long while to charge up and it didn’t have enough juice to fully charge my cellphone. The solar charger is ideal for a little “topping off” of your phone, and the electricity is free since it’s solar! Next up was a tiny tiny little USB flash drive with a handsome design. Not much to say about this other than it was super cheap and super small.
So the thing about Budget Gadgets is that, it’s not the type of place you’re going to buy a $5000 flatscreen TV or an iPod from. It’s the type of site that you buy those little doohickies and doodads and cords and plugs and weird adapters and battery packs and all those little things you need to make your gadgets play nice with each other. They offer free shipping on everything in the store (and my items came pretty quickly). They have the type of products that you would buy on eBay for a few bucks and then have to spend more than the item costs just for shipping but instead at Budget Gadgets it ships free. I don’t know how they can offer free shipping on items that cost less than a buck and still make money, but they do.

So go check out for all those little cheap gadgets. They’ve even provided a 5% off coupon for readers- use code: JM5OFF4.

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