The Rockterscale Measures How Hard You Rock Out

The Rockterscale is an advanced tool that measures exactly how hard a crowd is rocking out. There are several components to this: the Hat of Rock which is a hat that measures the amount of head thrashing going on. There’s the dance floor mat pictured above which measures the amount of dancing and foot movement. There’s a crash barrier in the front which uses a force sensor to determine how hard the crowd is pushing against it. They have also mounted a webcam on the ceiling to measure the overall movement of the crowd along with audio monitors to get a sound level reading. Overall the formula for rockness is: Hat + Floor + Crush + Crowd + Loud + Phat = ROCK. Here’s a video of the Rockterscale in action:

As you can see, the more the crowd rocks out, the higher the Rockterscale guitar level reading gets. Although it does go to 11, natch, I think it would have better if the levels were described better- like 1= Michael Bolton, 7=rockin’ with Dokken, 9=rock out with your c#ck out, etc. Awesome DIY project.

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