Neverending Rock Climbing Wall Treadmill Gym Apparatus

The TreadWall by Brewer’s Ledge is a combination rock climbing wall and treadmill, sort of like the travelator on American Gladiators but much tougher.

Now you can get the full climbing workout without having to install a 30 foot ceiling addition to your home gym. It can even be mounted flat against a wall.

The TreadWall has auto-stop technology and is motorless. There is no need to put on crotch hugging harnesses since unlike other climbing walls you are never more than a few feet off the ground. You can quickly change both the speed of ascent and the angle for an optimum workout. Brewer’s Ledge even makes a smaller more colorful version for kids. The TreadWall is not cheap at around $8-10,000 but it’s certainly a cool unique way to get in shape.

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