Ultimate Blinged Out Earphones- Diamond Tiara Hearts

If you’re going for that blinged out diamond look you have to go all the way. Sticking a pair of plain white iPod earphones in your ears simply is not going to cut it. You need Diamond Tiara Heart Earphones. Unlike most other electronic items with bling, these diamond headphones actually look pretty good. They run $60 and are designed by Elecom in three different colors- pink, white, or red. I don’t know exactly what type of fake diamond they’ve got in there, as it’s only described as “full crystal look diamonds” but it looks ok in the photo. Sound quality should actually be pretty decent as the specs read:

Impedance: 16 ohms
Pressure response: 90db/1kHz and 1mW
Maximum permissible input: 10mW
Playback frequency zone: 20 – 20,000Hz

These earphones seem like they’d make a great gift for your wife, rapper girlfriend, backup dancer with bleach blonde hair, mom, drag queen friend, or diva self. Bling.

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