Zip-Up Earphones are Tangle-Free

The YI earphones concept can help you prevent those annoying earphone wire tangles. Designed by Ji Woong, it’s basically a zipper for a wire. The zipper pull also functions as a remote, controlling the volume and play/pause. When you’re all done listening, just zip up your headphone cords and store then tangle-free. I think this is a very solid concept that solves a pretty irritating problem- as long as the technical hurdles can be overcome someone should produce this. Good idea.

via yanko

8 thoughts on “Zip-Up Earphones are Tangle-Free

  1. And how exactly does the zipper keep the rest of the cord from getting tangled in itself? Seems to me all this does is save those last separated inches from tangling… and that is far from a solution to the problem.

  2. @Frank
    look closely, the full length of wire has a zipper on it, save the very very ends, so its just a zipper with earphones on either side of it.
    im not sure about you but ive never gotten a zipper tangled in itself…..

  3. @Dan Weber
    The reason that you’ve never tangled a zipper in itself is because they’ve always been on a connected surface (jeans, jacket, etc.). Here, when you zip it up, it’s just like one big wire and can be tied in a knot, right? And before it’s zipped up, what if the two ends are tied in a knot? It’ll just break it.

    It’s these sort of headphone cables that seem practical at first (…coughThe Beatscough…) but in the end are just an extra expense for something novelty.

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