Diamond Space Invaders Bracelet

Admittedly we have a mild Space Invaders obsession going on here. But it is still one of the coolest video games of all time. But we’re not here to talk about ourselves, let’s talk about you. You’re all grown up and past your video game stage. You’re ready to give a serious gift to your ladyfriend. You’ve moved past blowup dolls and cheap hookers and have somehow managed to hook an actual female. You need to impress her.

You are looking for that perfect gift but yet you still want to stay true to your geek roots. Getting her a pink electronic gadget is just not a good idea- you tried that last Christmas. She wants diamond jewelry and you must comply (because seriously dude, you’re a total slob, no matter how high up you hold your arm to take your own myspace picture, it just ain’t looking good, there are no other fish in the sea for you, this is your one shot). You need to get her the Space Invaders Diamond Bracelet. Yes it may cost a mere $1000, but you can’t put a price on geek love. Or can you?

Sold at Colette (France) via TechieDiva

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