Add a Rotary Phone Handset to your Cell Phone

Here’s an interesting cell phone accessory- the retro rotary phone handset from Sourcingmap. Just plug this in to any cell phone with a 2.5cm jack (or use an adapter) and start talking like they did in the old days. Jeez did I just call my youth, “the old days”? It wasn’t that long ago that everyone had rotary phones or at least push button style ones- was it? This handset is actually not too bad an accessory if you’re the type of person what doesn’t want to talk right into their phone and doesn’t like those in-ear headsets that are pretty much your only other choice.

2 thoughts on “Add a Rotary Phone Handset to your Cell Phone

  1. To Craziest Gadgets: I have an old telephone headset. I would still like to use it but I need an adapter. One that takes the old telephone plug (the little plastic piece that went from phone to headpiece) to a cell phone. Is there such a gizmo? REALLY hope to find this. I do not have a land line. We discontinued that for cell phones but I would still like to use this old headset but be able to plug that into my cell phone. Hope you can help. Please let me know.

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