Talk to the Hand: Bluetooth Handset Gloves

Hey I just found this, and this is crazy, but it’s a glove handset, so call me maybe? If you’re fond of doing the universal sign for talking on the phone- thumb to the ear and pinky to the mouth and you like having warm hands, then here’s a ridiculously useful gadget you can actually do that with while only looking medium crazy: Bluetooth Handset Gloves.

Go go gadget phone. Inside the left glove is a bluetooth handset with a tiny speaker in the thumb and microphone in the pinky. The gloves also have a conductive fiber built in to allow you to use with your smartphone. They have a range of about 30 feet with battery life lasting about 10 days on standby and 20 hours of talk time per charge (via micro-USB). Comes in both men’s and women’s sizes in black or grey.

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