Cell Phone to Home Phone Adapter

Bridge the gap between old and new technology with the Cobra PhoneLynx Bluetooth Cell to Home Phone Connection System (BT 215). You plug this device into your landline phone with a standard phone plug and it connects to your cell phone via bluetooth.

You can sync two different cell phones into this, enabling you to make and receive calls with your home phone using your unlimited cell phone minutes. Another huge advantage is comfort, as most landline phones are much more comfortable to hold for extended periods than cell phones. You won’t need to tote your cell phone around your house anymore if you have multiple landline phones since they will all ring just like a normal phone call to them would. It has very good reviews and is a good deal for under $50.

One thought on “Cell Phone to Home Phone Adapter

  1. Do you have to have an active home phone line with service provider to use this device?

    Thank you

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