Obama Countdown Timer Keychain

The Obama Countdown Timer Keychain counts down the exact number of days, hours, minutes, and seconds until Barrack Obama is elected (if you believe he will be). For the John McCain voters out there, you can use your printer, scissors and some glue to easily convert this to a McCain countdown timer. Perhaps after Obama’s speech at the Democratic Convention, you’re ready for change and are onboard with Barrack Obama. Or maybe you’d like to keep this keychain and add it to your collection of failed presidential campaigns along with your Dukakis ’88 suction cup Garfield car accessory. Only time will tell. The timer keychain comes pre-set and is smaller than a credit card.

Buy it for $10.98 at Prank Place

4 thoughts on “Obama Countdown Timer Keychain

  1. I was hoping I would find a countdown timer for when his reign of terror (aka presidency) would end. Anyone know where to find one?

  2. I was hoping to find the countdown timer of when he was vacating the office too. I suppose though with the lack of consideration for the Constitution….he might just be our “beloved leader” for longer than 8 years.

  3. Have you got one that counts down till his 4 years are up? There’s no way people will be fooled twice, so the timer needs to end on his last day of his 4th year … That is if Congress still doesn’t wake up and have him impeached for derelection of duty or have him arrested for treason.

  4. Let me know if you make one that counts down to the time when the entire country will be put out of their misery and that lying puppet Obama is voted out of office … the first term. Too many people woke up and won’t be fooled again for him to make it in a second time.

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