Electronic Spin the Bottle Game

Kid’s today have it so easy! Back in my day if you wanted to play spin the bottle, first you’d have drink all the nasty backwash out of the bottom of the bottle and then you’d have actually spin the bottle yourself. When the bottle stopped spinning, you’d have to come up with your own truth or dare question using your imagination. Now like everything else, spin the bottle is done electronically.

Electronic Spin the Bottle lights up and makes “cool” sound effects when you spin it. When it stops, the bottle cap puts out a beam of light so you know exactly who it’s pointing at. Then it give you one of 130 commands to do in one of 3 categories (truth/dare/kiss or forfeit). This game is recommended for ages 9-99. Seriously age 9? Kid’s are starting earlier these days. And don’t even get me started on recommending this for anyone over 18… you’re too old for spin the bottle you creep.

Product page at Amazon: Electronic Spin the Bottle Game

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