RSStroom Toiler Paper RSS Feed Reader

You know we like to “keep it real” as the kids say here at Craziest Gadgets, but sometimes the fake is too funny. Check out the RSSstroom Reader, a toiler paper dispenser that prints out your favorite RSS feeds right on the TP. Then just to show that stupid blog what you think of their post, you can wipe your butt with it and flush down never to be seen again until it’s repurposed as commercial fertilizer sludge and used to grow food that we then eat and excrete again using the the RSStroom Reader to wipe. And as such the blog circle of life is complete. Of course you would never do that to Craziest Gadget’s feed, right?

And as a reminder, you can always subscribe to’s feed by clicking on “Subscribe to this feed” below any post. There’s even an option for email if you’re not into the whole “feeds” thing (we won’t ever sell or spam your email address- that would take some sort of level of internet competency beyond just clicking buttons here), so you can get all the latest gadget news right in your inbox. Besides, all the cool kids are doing it.

djspyhunter via sb