Homemade Grateful Dead Video Game Cabinet

A Houston, TX man has created this awesome cool Grateful Dead video game cabinet. The Grateful Arcade was a homemade project that was Truckin’ along slowly, almost 2 years in the making. It was made completely from scratch, starting with big pieces of wood to make the cabinet. Unfortunately for the Deadhead designer, there is still no Grateful Dead video game out there, but he did manage to install 7,000 games (wow!) via mame roms. The coolest part has to be light up glowing steal your face trackball:

To see the entire step by step process on how this enterprising DIY’er created this from start to finish, check out his site phishpac.blogspot.com. Now if only they could create the Grateful Dead video game for this guy, he’d be in heaven (level 1: getting to the concert in a 45mph top speed VW bus; level 2: looking for the stadium bathrooms after eating a bad veggie burrito in the parking lot…).

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