Crocs Phone Cases Just as Ugly as Regular Crocs

crocs phone cases
I know what you’re saying, “But they’re soooo comfy.” I don’t care. Nobody should be wearing crocs. Not only are they disgustingly ugly, Crocs are injuring kids by getting them caught in escalators– there are multiple lawsuits out already. no crocs So now Crocs has decided to spread their unfashionable brand into electronic gadget accessory cases. Now you can wear Crocs on your feet and your belt. Heck, you can order a size 36DD shoe and put it on your head as a hat to complete the look. I’m sure it will be really comfortable. If you care about the comfort of your phone at all and don’t care for style, then make your phone comfy in the Crocs phone case- available in 8 obnoxious colors.

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