Cats in Ugly Christmas Sweaters Wreath

Do cats really need sweaters since they’re always wearing a fur coat anyway? Yes they do. Because it’s Christmas and everyone needs to don their ugly sweaters, even pets. It’s an official rule of Christmas, along with watching Die Hard. That’s a thing now, right? Well in case you’re having trouble wrangling your actual cat into an ugly sweater, maybe just go with a Cats in Ugly Sweaters Wreath instead? It’s all the fun of seeing a cat in an ugly Christmas sweater without any of the scratching, clawing, and general catitude. Closeup on the best kitty? You got it:

Ahhh. This wreath has 3.5 adorable kitties decked out in their finest holiday apparel, and it lights up! The wreath has 6 white LED’s that blink. It’s battery powered, and made of craft foam with a keyhole slot on the back for easy hanging at your home or office (or both, why not?) or even outside Nakatomi Plaza. Just make sure to hang it nice and high so that those real cats you have or John McClane don’t accidentally knock it down. Measures approx. 16.5″ wide by 18″ tall.