Go Fishing for Tooth Decay with a Reel Marshmallow Roaster

Kids today have it so freakin’ easy it makes me sick. Back in my day, besides walking to school uphill both ways, if we wanted to roast a marshmallow we’d walk uphill both ways to the grocery store, buy some marshmallows with our allowance, find some sticks, and hold the marshmallows on the sticks over the fire turning them so they didn’t burn.

There’s a reason why children today are so overweight and lazy, now they don’t even have to rotate their own sugary snacks- there’s a gadget that does it for them. The Reel Marshmallow Roaster looks like a fishing reel but that crank actually spins the stainless steel marshmallow holding rod. So lazy. Next you’re going to tell me that the ice cream man gets out of his truck and delivers right to your doorstep. Kids today- baaaah. Get off my lawn. $21.95 buys you something that’s not much more functional than a stick you find on the ground.

via red ferret