USB Endoscope Helps You Look All Up In There

This USB powered Medical Endoscope is designed to “help you explore the mysteries of the body”. This $140 medical gadget has a 40x microscope with adjustable LED lights so you can see what you’re looking at. The images are then sent to your Windows 2000/XP/Vista compatible computer for viewing.

So what can you view with this endoscope? Well the device has a camera at the end of a 2 foot long stick attached to a nearly 3 foot long cable, so it’s ideal for sticking up the butt….end of your vehicle or hard to reach electronic device interior, aimed at jewels, identifying serial numbers, printed circuit boards or even up your own ass (yep I just went there… with words I mean, I didn’t actually stick this thing all up in there! not that there’s anything wrong with that.) Very useful.

USB Endoscope via geardiary