Working Gear Shifter Key Chain

Attention gearheads and classic car fans- this is your new keychain! This Six Speed Manual Transmission Shift Lever Keychain features a tiny little shift lever that really works. Well by really works we mean you can move it all around the gears, it won’t really change the gears on your actual car. But you can certainly pretend. Or maybe you’re an electronics DIY wiz and you can somehow turn it into a remote shifter for your tiny vehicle. Which, considering that there’s no electronics inside this device, might be difficult, but hey- you’re the electronics DIY wiz, not us.

This keychain is made of Zinc + Aluminum alloy, so it’s very lightweight and won’t slow down your 0-60 times. Practice your shifting even when you’re not in the car. Features a full 6 gears and no paddle shifters, it’s an actual (tiny) shift lever. Comes in a few color choices to fit your personal style. Makes a great gift for the car enthusiast. With less and less cars being offered with a manual transmission these days, at least you can still have a little tiny feeling of dropping those gears even if you’ve gone full automatic.