Keep Your Outbursts in Check with the Temper Temperer

It’s football season and that means only one thing- Dad’s cursing at the TV in the family room…. again. Well spare the children’s innocent ears while still raging against the (offensive) machine with the cleverly named Temper Temperer. This personal voice muffler keeps you and your big mouth from getting in trouble, whether you’re watching sports, in your office, or watching the latest political news on TV. Imagine if Ralphie’s Dad from A Christmas Story had one of these when they lost the lug nut while changing that flat tire? Ohhh fuuuuudge. Well maybe not, the movie wouldn’t be as good. No matter, this device is certainly cheaper than paying for anger management classes.

Simply place the temper tamer over your mouth and then secure it around the head with the adjustable strap if you plan on going on an extended outburst of expletives (maybe you’re a Jets fan like the guy above? we feel for ya buddy, it’s gonna be a long season, again). Your voice gets muffled and nobody has to hear you ranting on and on and on. More convenient than using a pillow, and who carries a pillow around with them anyway? One size fits all mouths, no matter how much of a big mouth that person is.