Light Up LED Tetris Tie

Well it looks like this geek’s all set for casual Friday. While you were sitting on the couch watching a fake reality show Bill Porter created this (really- in just 4 hours!) Tetris Playing Tie. Now the tie doesn’t exactly “play” Tetris, it’s more like randomly falling Tetris pieces that follow the Tetris rules- but hey- 4 hours, give a guy a break. Check out the selfie video:

Bill made the tie from an array of 80 RGB LED pixels tied (tied- hehe) into a DigiSpark microntroller. It cost him about $50, although he just happened to have all the parts lying around, so really nothing. He plans more upgrades to make it more realistic soon. I’ll be watching more fake reality shows while waiting for those updates. Thanks Bill. (via hackaday)

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