Urinal Splashback Danger Meter

urinal splash danger meter
You in danger! It’s a common problem in all men’s restrooms- splashback. Combined with rampant poor aim (we can’t help it, it’s in our DNA), splashback can cause the area near all urinals to be a danger zone of pee puddles. Sticky and gross. At Instructables headquarters they postulated that the problem can be solved with a little peer pressure encouraging men to stand a bit closer so they “aim for the drain”. And that peer pressure can be applied with a DIY gadget- the Urinal Splash Danger Meter. Because an overly technical complex solution to simple problems is always best, right?
splash meter
They built a solar powered pee-stance quality meter to get peeing peers to stand in the right spot. It’s simply a solar panel and an analog meter. The closer you stand to the solar panel, the less light hits it and the less danger is indicated. Stand further back and more light hits the panel and you’re more in danger of creating splashback. Complete instructions to make your own splashometer are above. You’re gonna need the following parts:

Black Acrylic Sheet 0.118 Thick 12 x 12
50 microAmp Ammeter/Galvanometer (Analog)
Small Solar Panel
3M Dual-Lock

After installing there’s one more important step:
splash meter install
Wash your hands! Is this the solution every men’s bathroom has been in search of? Doubt it, but we do love us a good urinal gadget (really).