Use Your Phone in the Bath with this Inflatable Holder

inflatable bath smartphone holder
If you thought the bathtub was the one place safe from mobile phone usage, think again. Because now you can take a nice relaxing bath without the added stress of having your phone out of reach or potentially getting dropped into the tub and bricked. The Bath Air Pillow Smartphone Holder is an inflatable pillow with an arm extending out that holds your phone in front of you.
bath phone holder in use
Now you can continue to Snapchat, Facebook, tweet, email, or even read your favorite blog (Craziest Gadgets, right?) while in the tub. But wait, there’s more. You can also use it to use your phone while lying in bed. Plus since it’s inflatable, you can take it anywhere you want- the beach, hotels, pools, trains, etc. Here’s someone using it in the vertical position:
inflatable phone holder in bed
But how does it keep the phone safe from being dropped in the water? I’m glad I asked. It includes a zip-able plastic bag. You put your phone into the bag and then it sticks onto the arm. Here’s a video demonstration showing how it all works:

Since the arm is a separate piece that slides into the pillow, it can be adjusted for length to fit the person. The Bath Air Pillow Smartphone Holder is available in grey, pink, or white and costs $39.