R2-D2 Rolling Suitcase

r2d2 carryon luggage
Bleep boop, get on the plane and let R2 help with your stuff with the R2-D2 Carry-on Luggage. It’s a rolling suitcase festooned with the world’s greatest droid’s image on the outside. That’s right, I said “festooned”. This is the luggage you are looking for. R2 comes with a telescoping handle and four wheels to roll through airport with ease.
r2d2 suitcase
That should fit most airline’s carry-on requirements. The suitcase is made of ABS + PC (good impact and heat resistance) with a polyester lining. Tasty. There’s two zippers for ease of access during flights. Let Artoo protect your belongings in flight just like he protected Luke Skywalker’s hand. Ok maybe he didn’t do a great job hand-wise but the rest of Luke still made it through, right? Good enough. I think we’ve gone off on a tangent here, it’s almost as if talking about R2 has made me channel C3PO. Very well.