Boomcase: Vintage Suitcase Boomboxes

Vintage suitcases maybe have a certain style that today’s luggage lacks but for traveling they are often very heavy and lack such modern conveniences as “wheels”, “long handles” and “pockets”. But don’t throw away that old suitcase just yet- one savvy recycler, Mr. SiMo, is taking those vintage luggage pieces and putting big ol’ speakers in them to make Boomcases.

Each Boomcase is a self-powered stereo system that works with your iPod or iPhone (and charges them via USB). Battery life is about 9 hours and you can always plug them in when you’re near an outlet. I like this 400 watt, 10 speaker beast below called “the Spruce Goose”:

Prices vary greatly depending upon the size and speaker output of the individual Boomcase (the “Goose” above is almost $800). Follow along the Boomcase blog to get news of the latest models as it seems that many of them sell out pretty quickly.

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