Pet Collar with a Laser Pointer

laser collar
I don’t know if this is cruel, genius, awesome, stupid or somehow a combination of all of those at the same time but the Laser Collar Pet Toy is the ultimate pet gift. Strap it onto your dog or cat and let the excitement begin! Hands-free! No matter where your pet goes, pew pew pew, that pesky red dot is there. Woah it’s in the kitchen, woof woof, let me go into the hallway, meow, there it is again going down the stairs, I can’t catch it.
laser dog collar
Endless entertainment and exercise as your animal fruitlessly chases the spot. Well not entirely endless as the laser shuts off after 15 minutes of insanity. The laser clips onto your pet’s collar and has three modes: steady, fast blinking, and slow blink. Batteries included, collar and cat not included.

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