Rubik’s Cube Mini-Fridge

rubiks fridge
Looking to solve the problem of what’s for lunch? Look no further than inside your own personal Rubik’s Cube Fridge. This 11.5″ cubed fridge not only has a setting to keep foods cold but you can also turn the dial to keep foods warm instead. That’s puzzling. I guess it’s not technically a fridge then? It’s more than a fridge. So much more. Hot or cold, this is one cool way to keep your food or drinks at an appropriate temperature.
rubiks cube fridge
It holds up to 9 cans of soda or 18 Rubik’s cubes. Why you’d need to keep your Rubik’s cubes cold is really your own (very confusing) business. This mini-fridge also comes with both a standard AC plug and an 12v power cord for use in your car. Probably ideal if you drive a Nissan Cube. Unfortunately this cube can never be solved and it doesn’t even have stickers to remove like a real Rubik’s cube- you know you did that. And definitely don’t try to take it apart with a screwdriver either. We’re on to you. Cool stuff right there.