Super Mario Rubik’s Cube Looks Really Cool, Difficult

Before any of my astute readers chimes in with “shopped”, yes I’m pretty sure this is photoshopped. BUT, the point of the Super Mario Rubik’s Cube is that anyone could actually make one of these in real life, fairly easily. And it would be awesome. All you’d have to do it print out some Super Mario Bros (or any other game really) screencaps onto sticker or label paper and then stick them right over the solid colors on your Rubik’s Cube. It actually looks pretty difficult to solve since you’d need to get each cube in the exact right spot and not just in any location on it’s proper side like the regular Rubik’s.

via walyou (image credit)

13 thoughts on “Super Mario Rubik’s Cube Looks Really Cool, Difficult

  1. You DO have to put all the Rubik’s Cube pieces in the right place normally. They have more than one side you know.

  2. I stand corrected Adam. And that’s exactly why I’ve could never get more than 2 1/2 sides completed before taking the screwdriver to it.

  3. Shopped or not very very nice.

    And it has the same difficult, because the Regular cube has the same issue, only in the exact spot…..

  4. Reply to Eudu

    This is more difficult than a normal Rubik’s cube, because on a standard cube the orientation of the center squares don’t matter.

  5. lol center squares always stay in the center even if they switch sides so no matter how normal or not normal your cube is its the same shit you morons

    1. lol, noob, if you knew anything about the cubes you would know mark is right.
      you can make the cube with all the edge and corner pieces right, and with al the pieces on the side of the right center, and stil have some wrong center orientations. it has the same ‘paritys’ as for instance the 12side lanlan 3x3mod

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