Rubik’s Cube Mug

It’s the famed Rubik’s Cube ready to hold your morning coffee. Don’t worry this Rubik’s Cube Mug doesn’t actually need to be solved, just sip and enjoy your hot beverage. Available for about $15 from Spinning Hat (UK) but it looks to be out of stock right now which is puzzling (see what I did there?)

13 thoughts on “Rubik’s Cube Mug

  1. Thanks for the feedback guys. Just to let you know this mug is 100% usable, even though it has a square body, the lip is round, ensuring all your coffee ends up in your mouth and not on your lap.

    We have a bunch of other Rubik’s lines launching this Spring. Please be patient whilst all this new stock turns up – will be in end of Feb.

    We are adding a feature to our website so you can pre-order as well.

    Thanks to all our fans.


    Spinning Hat

  2. A cube would be horrible to clean with those internal corners and hard to reach spots. The kitsch factor isn’t worth it.

  3. really cool idea but the colours are not in the right order. the face that is Blue should be Green in relation to the yellow and red faces.

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