Rubik’s Cube and LiteBrite Coffee Tables

rubiks cube table
Check out the awesome Rubik’s Cube coffee table from Jellio. Now you can bring the classic gaming gadget/80’s phenomenon to your living room. This acrylic table is an oversized replica of the original Rubik’s Cube. However, unlike the Rubik’s Cube in the back of your closet, this one is fully solved and doesn’t have all the stickers removed and put back on in a sloppy manner.

Jellio is also making a LiteBrite table. It’s lit from below and just like the original toy, you can move the pegs around to form any design you want. Unlike the LiteBrite stashed away in the back of your basement, this table is not missing any pegs. You will have provide your own light source though.
LiteBrite table picture:
litebrite table

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