Dragon Faucet and Bathroom Accessories

dragon faucet
Turn your person throne into something out of the Game of Thrones with these dragon inspired bathroom accessories. We’ve scouted out everything you need to turn your bathroom into a a fortress of Medieval awesomeness. Starting with the insane Antique Brass Dragon Style Bathroom Sink Faucet (comes in a wide variety of styles too!) Instead of breathing fire, it breathes water. That’s pretty much the opposite of what a “real” dragon would do but you probably don’t want to wash your hands in fire. Trust me on that one.
dragon towel holder
After washing up, you’ll want to dry your hands preferably with a towel. And what better to go next to your dragon sink than a Dragon Towel Holder? Thanks Mr. Dragon, those short arms are really coming in handy.
dragon mirror
Next you’ll want to check yourself out in the mirror. Of course you’re going to keep the theme going when you hang up a Dragons Thorne Twin Sentinal Dragons Mirror above your sink. This mirror would actually look pretty cool anywhere else too, maybe above a fireplace or in an entryway.
dragon toilet paper holder
But let’s not forget about the real “business” you’re taking care of in the bathroom. This Commode Dragon Tyrant Bath Tissue Holder certainly didn’t forget. He’s got your back. Or he’s got your backside I guess. Luckily he’s not breathing fire on that toilet paper (but if he did, our buddy the dragon faucet could put it out). Dragons are perfectly appropriate for your bathroom because after all Dragons Love Tacos.

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