3D Printed T-Rex Showerhead

dinosaur shower head
Well now I guess we all are going to have to add 3D printers to our holiday shopping lists. With 3D printing technology your imagination is the limit to what you can create. And someone imagined a T-Rex shower head. And it was made. And since the plans were publicly released here on Thingaverse, anyone with a 3D printer could make their own dinosaur shower head from the comfort of their home. And they did.
3d dinosaur shower head
They actually do sell quite a few dragon faucets but dinosaur faucets or showerheads is not something that’s commercially available (and really I did look it up because that’s the kind of thorough research we do here. also the reason why my browser history will probably baffle future researchers for years to come.) So if you can’t buy, you make it. It does look like a pretty intense stream of water coming from that dinosaur’s mouth, I prefer more of a massaging spray shower head. Maybe more of a brontosaurus than a T-Rex. (via nerd approved)