Pool Lounger with Drink Cooling Armrests

first class pool lounger
Max and relax and cool off in ultimate style with the Wow Sports First Class Lounge. This floating inflatable high backrest lounger has a neat trick up it’s sleeve- coolers built in the armrests! Now you never have to get up. Throw some ice in there and your drinks stay cool even when it’s hot out.
pool lounger drink cooler
Each ergonomic armrest has a zip-up cooler compartment that can hold up to 4 cans or 3 bottles of beer. There’s a cup holder atop each one too. That means it can hold a total of 10 cans plus one in each of your hands for 12 total. Like I said, you never have to get up (well maybe to pee). You could also use the zippered compartments for less fun items like your phone, sunglasses, or sunscreen. Picture of a dude using it? You got it ladies:
pool lounger dude
This lounger also has a headrest and footrest so you can pass out in comfort after drinking all that beer. Great for the pool, lakes, rivers, and the ocean. Or just set it up on your patio and pretend you’re in the water. After enough beers, you’ll think you’re floating. But seriously, drink responsibly and lounge out responsibly, I don’t want to see anyone over-relaxed this Summer.