GuitDoorbell Plays Guitar Notes When You Open a Door

guitar doorbell
Open the door, strum a guitar. The GuitDoorbell is not an actual doorbell you can ring (like the Piano Key Doorbell) but more like a door chime that makes a sound when you open or close the door. The GuitDoorbell is a half-sized guitar that mounts above any inward opening door. Attached to the door is a striker that strums the guitar when the door is opened.
guitdoorbell in use
Yes that’s a real acoustic guitar! You can tune it however you like and you can even take it down and play it a bit. Might I suggest playing a song by….The Doors. Put that guitar to use even when you’re not playing it. Look up ladies.
guitdoorbell above door
The guitars come with a laminate spruce veneer top, solid rosewood bridge, and a sapele maple neck. The entire guitar measures 30″ long.
The GuitDoorbell comes in either a natural or black wood color and includes all the mounting hardware you need to put it up. Great for businesses, musically inclined homes, kids rooms, music rooms, schools, and more. Hear when the door is opened with a pleasing guitar sound. Available for purchase directly (above) or here via SkyMall.