Giant Post-It Topped Desk

This is genius- it’s a desk with a giant Post-it for the desktop. If you’re a doodler you can go ahead and scribble away or jot down notes. When it fills up, just rip off the top sheet and you’ve got a fresh clean desk. Designed by Soup Studio design (IT) and I don’t think you can buy it and even if you could, it’s from Italy and would probably be expensive. So we have a makeshift solution for you…a cheap DIY.

Here’s our DIY plan- pick up a few pads of these Giant Sized Post-Its. Each is 12″ square and 80 sheets. Now the key is to have a desk that is sized in a perfect 12″ increment otherwise you’re going to need a papercutter or scissor. Affix 2 or 3 or however many you need to completely cover your desk and you’re done for under $20 (plus the cost of your desk).

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