NES Advantage Turned Desk Lamp

nes advantage lamp
The NES Advantage was an arcade style controller with joystick designed for the Nintendo system in the late 80’s. It even took it’s styling cues from the NES but it was basically just a joystick and buttons that you’d sit on the floor or table instead of holding it like the standard controller. Instructabler SantaB had a spare one lying around and decided it would make an awesome desk lamp. And it does.
nes lamp
He replaced the joystick with a gooseneck lamp, adding a switch where one of the controller’s buttons was originally. He even added a USB charging port on the side of the unit. Here’s a quick video demonstration:

Pretty cool idea and the light itself fits in well with the controller (because of the joystick replacement). It looks somewhat “natural”. Definitely a geeky desk lamp and not particularly complicated to make if you’re at least minimally handy.