Clawz are Crocs with Toenails: Just. Stop. Now.

clawz crocs
Just say no people. As we’ve documented before here, we absolutely hate Crocs so so much and believe that no person over the age of 7 should ever be caught dead in such an abomination of footwear. Seriously, enough. And now a company called Clawz has somehow managed to make Crocs (errr Croc-style shoes) even worse by putting painted toenails on them. Here’s another picture of this ridiculousness:
Sure they would be great if that was part of some sort costume but no- these are intended to be regular everyday footwear that you are expected to wear in public. This isn’t “Where the Wild Things Are”, it’s “Where the Wild Things Have the Fashion Sense of Punky Brewster if she was Blind”. It has to stop. Enough is enough. You will look like a clown with rubber claws on your feet. Really, you do. (via chipchick)