Toilet Bowl Woofers Drop Some Serious Bass Bombs

Each year students Katholieke Hogeschool Mechelen (interior design school) are given the task to design new object from thrift store items. These toilet bowl speakers were designed by Maarten De Beukelaer for his final year Interior Design project. Each of the 4 toilets has a woofer inside the bowl which supposedly gives a natural resonance for a warmer and deeper sound. Or so they claim- without hearing these bowl speakers, I’d guess that the ceramic material actually sounds echo-y and cold- usually we use materials like wood for better sound. But maybe someone more acoustically expert than myself can chime in in the comments here. Either way, while it’s a suitable reuse for an old toilet bowl, I somehow can’t picture anyone plopping down a pair of toilets next to your big screen TV in the living room.

ecodesign (dutch translated)