DIY Led Light-Up Tardis Fascinator Hat

light up tardis hat
Kathryn McElroy made this really neat Doctor Who Tardis fascinator hat that lights up. You won’t believe what she used to make it. This DIY project was started with a bunch of recyclables and leftovers from other projects she had worked on. Take a look at the raw materials:
tardis hat materials
As she outlines in the step by step Instructable, the base is made from a plastic container. To make the body of the Tardis, she hacksawed a plastic spice container in half, then sanded and GooGone’d the label off.
tardis hat base
To top is also made of plastic. The lines all around the Tardis are simply drawn on.
tardis hat in progress
She put a few button batteries and an tiny LED lamp inside, sealed it up and hot glued the whole thing onto a small comb to keep it in place on her head. The result is pretty sweet:
tardis hat lit up
Excellent work and a great accessory to go along with her Doctor Who dress.