Doctor Who Tardis Cat Condo

tardis cat condo
It’s the two great tastes that taste great together- Doctor Who and cats (not to be confused with my genius idea of combining Doctor Who and the Broadway production Cats- featuring the sure to be a hit song Time Lords, all alone in the moonlight….). If you do like those two things and don’t mind parting with nearly $700, you can own this Tardis Cat Condo.
tardis cat condo inside
Designed like the iconic British police call box, this cat playground has multiple levels on the inside for kitty to climb around upon. You might say it’s bigger on the inside (it kinda looks like it is actually)? This cat condo measures 47″ tall by about 18″ square. Admit it, you just sang the Memories song out loud when you read it above, right?
(via geeks are sexy)