Doctor Who Tardis MAME Arcade Cabinet

New Zealand’s Simon Jansen has built from scratch one of the greatest home arcade systems ever. Based on the Tardis police booth from the famed Doctor Who series, Simon constructed this out of wood at 3/4 scale (so that it would actually fit inside his house). Then he built an MDF console to hold the gaming system. He installed a MAME system on an old Linux machine and blammo- he can now play hundreds of games inside his Tardis (it’s much bigger on the inside than it looks!)

Simon left extensive details on how he built everything below so you can build your own version for your house once you get spousal approval. Trust me on the spousal approval, there’s nothing sadder than a sledgehammered Tardis MAME machine. Unless you have a chameleon circuit, then do whatever you want.

Dr. Who Tardis MAME (via)

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