Review: IDAPT i4 Charger

Do you have a mess of wires from all your gadgets that need to be charged? Or do you have a single wire with a pile of gadgets waiting their turn to use it? Well no matter the case, the IDAPT i4 Charger is a good solution. IDAPT sent one over to us to review and our charging corner has never looked neater. The i4 lets you charge up 4 devices at the same time while only using one outlet. On top of the i4 are 3 slots where you can insert removable tips to match whatever gadgets you have.

Above you can see one tip up close. On the side there is also a USB outlet for any oddball devices that don’t conform to a standard charging tip. ADAPT includes a number of tips and you can order custom tip packs or individual tips to fit your current or future charging needs. The tips lock into the charger and are only released with 2 eject buttons next to each one so that they stay firmly in place when you wiggle your fully charged gadgets off the i4. A switch on the top lets you turn charging on or off and lights next to each device let you know if it’s charging or fully charged (red/green lights).

We love the neat look of the i4, the ability to charge up to 4 devices at once, the universal compatibility with switchable tips, the on/off switch, and the USB output. My house has 2 iPhones, and 2 iPods and this charger has saved a lot of plugging and unplugging and seeing which one has a higher priority for charging; now we just charge them all at once. And the best part is that it just looks a whole lot neater than a pile of cables.

Honestly we can’t come up with any negatives about the i4 besides perhaps the minor quibble over the location of the USB output. Overall it’s a great product that does exactly what it’s supposed to- charge 4 things at once while eliminating cable clutter from other devices like cameras, video cameras, PSP’s, GPS’s and more (there’s even a AA rechargeable battery tip). There’s a number of color options available too. Available for $59 from IDAPT above or Amazon below: