Typographic Miniature Golf Course: P is for Par

typographic mini golf
Check out this sweetass miniature golf layout. Each hole is in the shape of script letters (which slightly resemble the Craziest Gadgets logo!) It was designed by British design Ollie Willis using a curvy typeface that pairs golf and design into one challenging course. Now those familiar with the sport, yes sport, of mini-golf know that a course has only 18 holes and the alphabet has 26 letters. But more is better, right? Closeup:
letter mini golf closeup
Looks like it’s made from some plywood and astroturf. All you backyard carpenters get busy building. Now unfortunately Ollie has not completed his full course yet. The only picture he’s posted in the G hole, so we’ll assume that’s the extent of the course. However, he has released his designs for the whole alphabet, which looks like this:
alphabet mini golf
I’m guessing that the “I” and “J” would be the elusive par 1 holes. Or maybe the letters could combine to spell out stuff (like Craziest Gadgets?) and make one longer unnecessarily complex hole. (via iihih)