Joss Whedon Action Figure

joss whedon action figure
If I had a Joss Whedon action figure I’d give it a little payback for killing off all those great characters in his movies. Or make him drive Barbie around in her pink Corvette. Wait did I just admit I have a Barbie dreamcar? I meant GI Joe hovercraft. Really, just a typo there. The only way to get your own mini-Whedon is with this special edition DVD of Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope.
comic con dvd
To sweeten the deal, you get a mini-Morgan Spurlock too. Yes, it’s a mini-version, make your own SuperSize joke right now. Take him out to eat at your favorite McDonalds. Have him attack mini-Whedon with a french fry. Oh Joss. (h/t nerdapproved)