V8 Engine Powered Snowblower Really Blows

More power! What happens when you strap on a 454 cubic inch Chevrolet big block engine onto a snowblower? You get some massive snowblowing power. When you live in the Northeast’s snowbelt, you need some serious muscle behind your snow removal. A few normal dudes were sitting around, tired of their puny commercial snowblowers freezing up in the icy cold and simply not providing enough juice to really throw the snow out of the way. They decided to do something about it and V8 Snowblowers was formed. Their custom unit (others available for sale soon!) features heated handle bars, full instrumentation with monster tach, hydraulic drive wheels. Of course you want to see this thing in action, clearing a two foot bank of snow as if it were nothing, so here’s the video:

via hackedgadgets

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